Witchcraft- Craft of the Wise

Witchcraft-Craft of the wise
Hi guys, 

This video is all about Witchcraft- Craft of the Wise. And how it’s related to the religion Wicca. 

Witchcraft is an age old practise used by people. They were called witches or “the wise ones” as they had so much knowledge and knew secret ways to cure illness and bring good health, prosperity, luck etc. 

No wonder Witchcraft is called Craft of the Wise.

Watch on to know more. 

Blessed Be. πŸŒ›πŸŒπŸŒœ

Cloud Gazing-Messages from Divine

Hi Guys, 
So I’m a cloud gazer! Long before I started following Wicca and long before I learnt that it’s a form of scrying! Long before I realised that if I concentrated a little harder, I might actually be able to read messages on those beautiful clouds! 

I have on many occasions felt so close to the divine power while I cloud gazed. On more than one occasion, the beautiful rays of the setting sun from behind the clouds would make such a beautiful painting of orange and gold! It would make me feel so close to the divine power and 

I would stay gazing at it for long after the sun has set and it turned dark! All these thoughts and flashes of images would go around in mind but I had no idea that these images and thoughts were important! 

Cloud gazing is not a lazy man’s way to while away the time! It’s a very beautiful and powerful form of scrying. We all know that the God and the Goddess are also referred to as, The Sky God and the Earth Goddess. So, if done in the right and concious way, cloud gazing could bring you subtle messages from God himself! 

There are two forms of clouds gazing: 

Concious gazing- Where you are completely concious and you are gazing at the clouds to find meaningful shapes and forms. This could be anything from faces, forms of animals or anything big enough to easily recognise. But the messages could also be in the form of signs, symbols and runes. All you have to do is, go to a spot where you will not be disturbed, take out a book and a pen, and just relax yourself before you start cloud gazing. Wherever you see anything meaningful, just note it down on the book. 

This is the form of cloud gazing that I love to do. Few days back, all these beautiful dark monsoon clouds rolled in and I literally had the time of my life. I saw a swan twice and once I saw the unicorn upto it’s neck. πŸ¦„ And I also saw these signs that I am yet to find the meanings to. I mean, is not like you have to know all the signs, symbols and runes before you cloud gaze guys. ☺️

Sub-concious (Trance) Cloud Gazing: Where the gazer starts with a concious gazing but soon falls into a trance like state. Now they will be seeing messages and signs but in their subconscious mind. They would also be able to see flashes of images like thoughts and memories. Most often than not, these images speak of the future. When they are out of the trance state, they replay these images and take notes. 

Well, it sounds really simple guyz but it’s not. It takes lot of time, patience and most importantly practise. 

So that’s how important and beautiful clouds gazing is. So, next time you receive messages from the clouds, do let me know! 

Happy cloud gazing. ☺️

Blessed Be…. πŸŒ›πŸŒπŸŒœ

My fight against Depression!

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

I am born and raised into Hinduism (like most are in India) and unlike a lot of the kids of my generation, I was very faithful and sincere to my religion and its customs. I very deeply believed that I am just a shell, a vehicle and God is the one steering me and I knew that he would steer me in the right path, Every single time. So naturally, When something did not work out or something went wrong, I used to beg and punish myself because I thought God has forsaken me!

Then, I went through a really rough patch in my life that changed EVERYTHING! Its not just one incident that happened on one day. It was a series of events, hurdles, Problems, failures, that completely broke and shattered me. I still remember the fateful day when it all started, It was June 24th, 2011. That night I sat in the prayer room in front of our altar at home, The whole night, tears streaming down my face. I kept whispering, “Why did you do this to me?” When the sun rose the next morning and I walked out of the room, I knew nothing was going to be the same anymore. Ever since then, I haven’t prayed to god, at least the way I used to.

For a long time after that, I had no faith in anything, Spiritually speaking. My life was still spiraling around but I had become so indifferent towards everything. My only thought was, My life is not in my hands. Whatever is happening to me is not in my control. And this thought surrounded me with negativity and kept me in dark for a very long time. The final push over the edge was the birth of my first baby and I went into depression! Doctors called it post-traumatic depression caused due to the childbirth but only I knew that this was due from quite some time.

My baby is my angel, the light of my life and I love her more than anything in this whole wide world but even so, I felt so empty and hopeless. Every night I went to sleep, I used to think, “Let me just die in my sleep and all of this will be over!” When I woke up the next morning, I simply felt even more depressed! I used to splurge and waste away my money in things I did not need, in search of even a smidgen of happiness. I drew away from family and friends, I preferred to stay alone and more often than not, I was replaying my own death in a million different ways in my mind, over and over again!

And then came the next big turning point in my life! This incident literally killed me, or the old me and I was re-born again, into a completely different person.

But that story is for the next time. Until then, hit that follow button to stay posted.

Stay Blessed. Stay Happy!


First blog post

Hi Guyz,

Welcome to my Blog.

Who am I?

My Magical name is Maia Great and I’m an Indian Girl who has very recently come home to Wicca. I am a Solitary practitioner.

What is this blog about?

In this space I will be sharing my life experiences and stories with the world at large but especially with my fellow Wiccan brothers and sisters. 

Through this blog, I am going to share my journey and how I have improvised and re-established according to where I stay. Also I would like to hear your stories and suggestions and experiences!

What makes this blog great?

Well…………. ME……….. πŸ™‚

But jokes apart, Aren’t you curious about what is brewing in the life of a Wiccan who comes from a very orthodox Hindu family in India?

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Stay Blessed, Stay Happy!